THE COUNT’S REVENGE Short Question And Answers

Q1: What is Melodrama and what are its basic elements?

Answer: Melodrama was originally a spoken text with a musical background as in Greek drama. It refers to a dramatic work that exaggerates plot and characters in order to appeal to the emotions we can say concisely that a melodrama is a short sensational play with violence, suspense, and a happy ending.

Q2: Why did the duel, arranged between Albert and the Count of Monte Cristo, not take place?

Answer: When the duel was arranged between the Count and Albert, Albert did not know the reality of his father’s villainy, But when he came to know the reality, he drooped the idea of fighting the duel and he apologized with the count and thus the duel was not fought between them.

Q3: Why the Countess of Morcerf try to avoid duel between Alber and the Count of Monte Cristo?

Answer: The Countess of Morecerf tried to avoid the duel between Albert and the Count of Monte Cristo Because she was aware of the fact that the Count was a good shot and he’d definitely kill her son so she tried her best to avoid the duel so that her son would be killed.

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Q5: Briefly state how the Count of Monte Cristo revenged the Count of Morcerf?

Answer: The Count of Monte Cristo took his revenge very wisely. He didn’t decide to take revenge from the Count of Morcerf quickly. He first became the intimate friend of Albert, the son of Count of Morcerf. Secondly, the collected the most secret information about the Count. Thirdly, he got the charges published in newspapers. Finally, he got those charges proved in parliament and disgraced the Count of Morcerf before French society.

Q8: Why did Albert and Countess decide to Leave Paris?

Answer: Both Albert and Countess decided to leave Paris in order to avoid the insult which they were facing after condemning the Count of Morcerf as a traitor.

Q9: Why did Monte Cristo promise to spare the life of Albert?

Answer: When the mother of Alber requested the Count reminding him those happy days when they were to be married, the Count of Monte Cristo promised the Countess to spare the life of Alber for the sake of his love for her.

Q11: Why did Fernand conspire against Edmond Dantes?

Answer: When Fernand came to know that Edmond was going to marry Mercedes, he didn’t like it. That’s why to have conspired against Edmond so that he could marry with Mercedes.


Q12: What crimes were committed by the Count of Morcerf?

Answer: The Count of Morcerf committed two main crimes. Firstly he conspired against Edmond Dantes and secondly when he was a captain in the French army in 1823, he took bribes from the enemy and surrendered to them the fortress of Yanina.